SalesPlatform Vtiger CRM

SalesPlatform provides free and open-source CRM distro based on Vtiger CRM. SalesPlatform distro is kept in sync with original Vtiger releases and supports extensions from Vtiger marketplace.

Key Advantages of SalesPlatform Distro

Additional Modules Available Out-of-the-box

  • PDF templates
  • Payments
  • Social Networks Integration
  • Acts
  • Consignments

More Stable

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Free monthly service packs
  • Extra community feedback

Core Improvements

  • Individual SMTP server credentials for each CRM user
  • Variables in SMS notifications
  • Several organizations in one CRM
  • Custom charts available in Dashboard
  • Improved global search

Improved PBX Integration

  • Supports FreePBX
  • Supports queues and ring groups
  • Embedded call listening

You can download SalesPlatform Vtiger CRM distro
from our SourceForge project