Customizable Call Popups Vtiger CRM Extension by SalesPlatform

With Customizable Call Popups extension you can convert your Vtiger open-source CRM into easy-to-use and flexible call center automation solution. With this extension you can place custom fields on incoming and outgoing call popups, assign workflows and build extended reports on processed calls.
Now you can design your own call popup forms with custom editable fields, using standard Vtiger Studio, to speed up the work of call center operators. Using flexible Vtiger workflows mechanism you can then automate Leads/Contacts creation and call events processing. Out-of-the-box standard call processing workflow included in Customizable Call Popups extension is able to find an existing Contact/Lead by phone number or create a new Lead. Then it creates a new call event with detailed information about the call, including data supplied by call center operator. Flexible field correspondence editor allows you to map call popup fields to data fields of Leads and Events.


Easily customizable call popup editable fields using standard Vtiger Studio
Field validation works in call popup like in any other Vtiger edit form
Call popups work both for incoming and outgoing calls
Call popups do not hide until user action – operator will have enough time to fill in the form
Arbitrary workflows can be attached to process calls in business-specific manner
Out-of-the-box default workflow is provided with flexible field correspondence editor
 Various reports on calls can be built using standard Vtiger Reports module with extended call details including custom fields, related Leads, Contacts, Accounts fields and PBX Manager fields (e.g. call duration)
Standard Vtiger call popups can be restored by simply disabling the extension

Basic Principles

Customizable Call Popups extension is a supplement to the standard PBX Manager module in Vtiger. It can only work when PBX Manager is turned on and correctly configured. The extension changes the standard call popup mechanism, but call information is supplied by PBX Manager. If the extension is disabled, standard call processing behavior will be restored.
Call popup is shown when the following conditions are met:
PBX Manager module is turned on and correctly configured
User phone extension number is configured in CRM user settings
The call is addressed to the user (phone extension) or has been originated by the user
The call has been registered by PBX Manager
When operator pushes Save button in call popup window, data entered in editable fields are validated and then active workflows for the module are being run. After processing all workflows the call popup window automatically hides.
When operator pushes Cancel button in call popup window, the call popup window automatically hides, but no other changes in the system take place.

How to Create Workflows for Call Popups

Customizable Call Popups extension allows you to create additional workflows using Vtiger workflow module like for any other standard Vtiger module. Detailed information on how to create workflows with user defined functions is described here:
When creating a new workflow, please, take into account the following nuance. Call popup record is saved twice: for the first time when a new call event is supplied by PBX Manager and for the second time when operator actually pushes Save button. User edited fields are only valid at the second time. It can be determined by checking value of status (Popup complete status) system field. User edited fields are valid if status equals 1.

How to Buy

We support Vtiger CRM open-source software and therefore sell our extensions only via Vtiger Marketplace. To buy the extension, please, log into your Vtiger CRM or SalesPlatform Vtiger CRM as Administrator, open CRM Settings, click Extension Store, find Customizable Call Popups extension, then click Buy.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

If you encounter problems or questions when using the extension, please, visit our frequently asked questions page: FAQ.
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