1. Installation Failed. Forbidden. Error when Trying to Install the Extension from Vtiger Marketplace

This error sometimes occurs when processing credit card payments in Vtiger Marketplace. Check your credit card data. If the credit card is entered correctly, the only known solution is to try another credit card and create a new Vtiger Marketplace account. You may also want to contact Vtiger support in this case.

2. After installation I see standard Vtiger call popup but not Customizable call popup

Sometimes not all system files are regenerated properly after installation of the extension. To fix the problem, go to CRM Settings -> Module Manager, find “Call Details”, uncheck checkbox (disable the module) and then check (enable) it again.

3. PHP Warnings are Displayed in Browser when Using the Extension

For production systems it is recommended to turn off showing warnings on web page and redirect them to server log by setting the following options in php.ini:

display_errors = Off
log_errors = On

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